Curly NYE Hair

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I had total hair envy when I saw Johanna from Three Nutz Baking Co. She also has curly hair and I know she would have some good CurlyQ Tips. So what do I do? I ask her to do a guest blog post. Your welcome! I think this hair would look perfect for NYE or just to spice things up for a night out. Below are photos and step-by-step directions to achieve the look. Thanks Johanna!

DAY 1:  I put in curling mousse and spray gel and allow my hair to air dry.

DAY 2: Later that day or the next morning (preferably) I brush it out (every curly haired girls nightmare of course). I like to add some dry shampoo to the roots and tease it a bit to give somebody.

Section off the bottom two inches of hair and clip up the rest. I split the hair down the middle. On one side, I wrap the hair around the barrel or wand starting closest to the scalp. If using a regular curling iron, I do not use the clamp. I hold for 15-20 seconds depending on how corse your hair is. Do the same to the other side. Always start the hair on the right side wrapping the same direction and everything on the left the same as itself. You usually want the hair to wrap over the front first, this way the hair curls up and toward the back of the head. Once curled gently pull the curled pieces in front of your shoulders.

Pull out another two inch section, right around the temple. In one inch tall sections, curl the hair the same way.

Once you reach the crown of the head, pull out the sections and curl alternating directions right and left.

Once everything is curled and while the hair is still warm, I like to clip up the top pieces of hair so it cools with some volume. Then, add a little hairspray before letting it out. 

Use a pomade or oil (my favorite is the Aveda, but I was currently out of it so I used argan oil) rub onto the ends and get rid of the frizz! Shake out your hair (do not comb) and hairspray upside down and let dry.

Sometimes I will go back and tease again if it is falling flat. If I'm really not having any luck then you can pin up the top to give it some volume. 

Since our hair is already prone to holding it's form, curly hair likes to stay curled so the style should last to the next morning! Which is perfect if you are racing out to brunch. It will either be fine on it's own (may need a re-curl here and there) or you can always pin to one side, pin half up, or my favorite add a super cute hat.

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