Coming to America - Welcome Basket

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lisa McDowell:  So why did you come here?
Prince Akeem:  To find something special.
Lisa McDowell:  It's a long way to travel.
Prince Akeem:  No journey is too great when one finds what he seeks.

I couldn't resist using Coming to America in this post. I'm a lover of 80s flicks and this one was classic! When I learned we would have family traveling from Rome staying with us...I instantly wanted to put together a fun basket full of goodies.

After getting married our relatives traveled to California for their honeymoon. They were doing a road trip starting in Southern California ending in Northern California. My idea was to give them some snacks and goodies to use on the road. This is all fun stuff that they might not otherwise try or have in Italy. Mainly consisting of quintessential American junk food.

The contents:
Cooler, Twinkies, Girl Scout Bars (cookies are out of season and these are the next best thing), gum, suntan lotion, Map of the United States, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn, champagne, Pringles, iced coffee (yes, Starbucks is everywhere, but not all have iced drinks), gold fish, trashy magazine (bonus that Kim Kardashian is on the cover.)

I also included this hand lettered quote. I thought it was great for two people in love and traveling. Download a copy for free here.

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