Spa Birthday Basket

Sunday, October 26, 2014

 This little basket did double duty for my pregnant friend on her birthday. I thought a relaxing spa birthday basket was just in order for the mother-to-be. My rules for putting together a basket are simple...pick a theme...pick a color scheme...make sure you can fit it all in the basket! This gift comes from the heart and you can completely customize your basket based the recipients taste and needs. Happy basket making!

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Oregon Trip Part One: Portland House

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The reaction when I told people we were going to Oregon on vacation went a little like this...
Oh, do you have family there? Are you staying on the Oregon Coast? Why there?
Some people like sun and beaches, but we like cooler weather and the great outdoors! Southern California has been experiencing a VERY long and hot summer. In fact it's late October and this weeks forecast shows temps in the upper 80s. I dreamed of piping hot coffee and sweater weather. I feel like Oregon is a hidden gem and I am so excited to share some of our vacation highlights. I have so much to share I am going to break things up...sound good?

I found this awesome rental in Portland that had a view of the forest out every window. It felt like we were living in a tree house. The air was so crisp and clean I wished I could bottle it up!

I sat on the balcony and sipped on my morning coffee.

This was Sawyer's first big trip and plane ride. The way there was great. I timed out giving him a bottle right as we took off and he slept most of the ride. The way back was another story. There was another younger baby on the plane screaming most of the way. I think Sawyer wanted to show him up and let out the loudest ear piercing cry. No one is going to show this boy up! Besides that the flight was great. We flew Jet Blue and they were super accommodating for parents traveling with small children. We rolled up to the plane in Sawyer's stroller. They checked it in and also allowed us to bring his baby bag at no extra cost. You can bring a car seat as well, but we decided to go with the one that came with our Hertz rental car. It all worked out perfectly.

Travel Tip:  I bought a pill case similar to the one above. I put little snacks in each section and let Sawyer open and eat them on the plane. It was a GREAT distraction and not bulky for travel.

Sawyer looks so cute in his yellow puffer vest and sock monkey hat my friend made for him. He loved picking up leaves and handing them to us like little presents.

I loved all the colors of autumn and the moss that seemed to grow everywhere.

We woke up to rain on our first morning. I was in heaven and by the looks of it so was Sawyer. He seriously acted like it was Christmas morning. No need for presents just make it rain!

We stopped into a coffee shop and holy macaroon this happened! What's fall without some jack-o-lantern macaroons? Swoon.

Stay tuned for more of our vacation coming up!

Sick Baby Recovery Kit

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cold season is officially here...well it is for us anyway. Sawyer gave us a 4 am wake up call this weekend. For the love of sleep and a healthy, happy baby I went into high gear mommy mode. I gathered all the essentials to karate chop this cold! I am not a doctor and I don't even play one on TV. Disclaimer:  these are my must-haves based on my experiences.

From left to right

1. NoseFrida - I bought this for a friend's baby shower and later she admitted that she returned it. She thought it was a gag gift only to learn...SHE NEEDED IT! Her doctor actually recommended it. It is strange, but works great.

2. Saline drops - Use this with the NoseFrida.

3. Aquaphor - I like using this around the nose so it doesn't dry out from a runny nose.

4. Boogie Wipes - I use these even when Sawyer doesn't have a cold. I love the way they smell and I wipe Sawyer's face with them. When he has a cold I wipe his nose with them.

5. Vapor Bath - I just used this for the first time and really like it. I gave Sawyer a bath right before bed and I feel like this helped drain him out and helped give him a good nights rest.

6. Vick's Plug-in - Recommended by a co-worker this ROCKS! It fills the entire room and really helps to keep your little ones nose unplugged.

7. Humidifier - I highly recommend this brand. I wanted to buy the cute little animal shaped one, but was immediately talked out of it by an employee at Target. He told me they have the highest return rate.

8. Thermometer - This is a super basic one, but was recommended by our hospital and it's really all you need.

9. Food Feeder - These are great for introducing whole foods, teething, and for cooling down a fever. I put a frozen piece of fruit in it and let Sawyer munch on it.

10. Frozen Fruit - This goes with #9.

11.Tylenol - Use to lower a fever or allow your little one to rest easier at night.

12. Pedialyte - I always have this on hand. After a horrible experience when Sawyer couldn't keep food down this really helped keep him hydrated.

That's a lot of stuff, but it really does the trick. Sawyer was back to his normal sleep schedule the very next night. This is a great list to keep in case you need it or makes a great gift for a shower.

What are your must haves when your little one is sick?

Freebie Friday - Halloween Printable

Friday, October 3, 2014

Happy Friday! As a thank you for reading my blog I wanted to share this fun print I created for Halloween. Download your free 8"x10" print here. Hope everyone has a great weekend!