The Hangover Kit

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recently my girlfriend asked for some help with a gift for her fiance. It reminded me this is too funny not to share! I originally made "The Hangover Kit" for Derek's bachelor party. I was leaving the same weekend for my bachelorette party and I wanted to leave a surprise care package for him. Ok, I also wanted him to remember what an amazing lady he was about to marry!

Items to include:
• Water (with a cute "Hydrate" label) 
• Gum
• Breath mints
• Energy drink
Urban Detox Function Drink (sold at CVS)
• Saltines
• Pepto-Bismol
• Hand sanitizer
• Chap Stick
• Face wipes
• Mouth wash
• Trash can (double use "basket" and holder of puke)

Stick everything in a trash can and call it a day. Your man is all set for a night of drinking. This would be also be great for a 21st Birthday or any celebration where you are expected to get your drink on! You can find all the printable items to make the kit here. Happy crafting!

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