New Home Welcome Basket

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Recently friends of ours purchased their first home. To warm their house and hearts I made a welcome basket.

I started with this adorable retro looking card.

For the contents of the basket I picked up some cleaning supplies. I love the packaging design of the
Mrs. Meyer's Cleaners. They come in a variety of scents and label colors. I went with a green theme and picked up some dishtowels to round out the basket.

Here is the finished product! I adore this small square basket also from Target found here. It's the absolute perfect size and style for almost any basket project. It also comes in a variety of fun colors. Tie a ribbon around it and call it a never looked so fun!

Easter with Family

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We spent ours at our home with family for a backyard bash.
I started by setting the stage before everyone arrived. I bought a cheaper bouquet of flowers from the grocery store and broke it all up. I placed individual flowers in random jars and containers I had around the house. I spread all of the flowers over the dining table as my centerpiece for a rustic spring look.

 To set the table I made cloth napkin bunnies (I did this days before to check it off my list), and made everyone a peep straw. I tried and failed to actually pop the paper straw through the peep without a gooey mess of peep guts left on my straw. So, I decided they were best off as decoration.

I used this colorful egg runner I bought from Target last year for the food table. We had a build your own pasta bar which turned out to be a lot of fun. My mom made meatballs, my grandma brought chicken cacciatore, and I created all of the sauces including a classic red, alfredo, and pesto. I made two kinds of pasta and had warm garlic bread and a green salad on the table. This is not a typical Easter menu I know, but we are Italian...we can eat pasta anytime! Mangia, Mangia!

I fell in love with this "happy easter" banner from Target. It has different fabric swatches with embroidered letters. I also think it cost around $5...such a steal!

For dessert I served up a fancy s'more bar. We roasted the marshmallows (and peeps...which totally charred not in a good way) over our outdoor fire pit.

Here is a closer look at the s'more platter. I was so proud of this! From left to right we have peanut butter cups, milk chocolate bars, cookies 'n' creme bars, peppermint patties, graham crackers, and Ritz crackers. My personal favorite combo was a peanut butter cup and a super burnt marshmallow sandwiched between two Ritz crackers. I am a sweet and salty junky and I don't care who knows about it!

I bought these tissue paper tassels at Target as a last minute grab. They were too cute to pass up and I knew I could find a place for them.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter as much as we did...for PEEP SAKE!

For Peep Sake!

Friday, April 11, 2014

For the love of peeps it's been too long! Check out how Sawyer has gown...

Sawyer is growing up so fast and we are trying to savor every minute of it! He seems to change week to week and sometimes day to day. This week it's all about exploring. Once he started to crawl it has been hard to get him to sit in one place. Hence the crawling monthly photo, but I actually think it fits perfect with his 8th month of life.