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Friday, January 9, 2015

It's my goal to have photos taken at least once a year by a professional photographer to document Sawyer growing up. When he was born we had newborn photos taken. I will always treasure that brief period of time when Sawyer slept all the time was so tiny. This year we used the talented photographer Mollie Jane for a quick mini session. In 20 minutes she was able to capture our little guy suspenders and all.

On a personal level I have long had a love of photography. The first time I picked up a camera that was not a point and shoot was back in high school. Everyone who was anyone wanted to take photography with Mr. Morehouse. I can still vividly remember his classroom plastered with black and white images taken by students and professional. He of course lectured on the basics of photography, but mainly he let us do our thing while rocking out to music. I truly believe a good teacher will inspire you for a lifetime.

I still have a great passion for photography and more recently have been photographing family and friends. For the holidays I shot three mini sessions that I am excited to share with you. First up, is my long time friend and her newest addition to the family.

When Lauren from Minute for Mom asked me to shoot photos to revel her pregnancy I was honored. I was so excited to be in on the surprise and help in sharing the news.

My last mini session was with my parents. We took these photos for their Christmas card. I have to say how lucky I am to have such an amazing family. Both of my parents are so supportive and wonderful grandparents to little Soybean.

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