Field Dinner

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Caramelized Onion Tart
(pictured below)
puff pastry, pancetta, chanterelles, fig vinegar

Heirloom Carrots and Farro
Fiala Farm grapes, dates, chèvre mousse, pecans

Fall Greens Salad
baby kale, wild arugula, shaved fennel
purple onion, crotin frei, verjus

Sweet Potato Gratin
gruyere, thyme, sweet cream

Grilled Carlton Farms Pork Chop
pear butter, hazelnuts, braised fennel

Braised Mustard Greens
confit garlic, butter, sel gris

Roasted Pear Olive Oil Cake
ginger cream, pecan streusel

I enjoy a good meal and unique experiences. Field and Vine brought both together for a date night that did not disappoint. We drove out to a farm in Canby, Oregon. Off the main highway we turned down a private road to enter the estate. I had no clue what was in store, but I was excited to find out.

Before dinner I gulped down sipped wine like a fancy person as we strolled around taking in the scenery.

Dinner was served in front of a barn at Morning Shade Farms. We sat at long community tables, and were fortunate enough to be next to the family of the farm owners. What a magical night under the stars exploring food, drinking wine, and enjoying the company of my husband.

I snapped one photo of the first course before I got so wrapped up in conversations and my wine to remember to take anymore. This is a must do and I highly recommend it if you live in or are visiting the great state of Oregon.


Friday, March 17, 2017

I went to college at University of Nevada Las Vegas. I have the BEST memories of living there. It's so great whenever I get the chance to go back. Everyone does Vegas differently. When I am there I usually do a mix of reminiscing and checking out what's new.

From PDX to stepping off the plane and going directly to The Venetian. I felt like I was back in Italy with the painted ceilings in the lobby. Also, every room is a suite!

Couldn't get enough of the ceilings and floors.

We went to Delmonico Steakhouse from chef Emeril Bagasse to start one of our nights. This is a high end steakhouse. If you want to keep things on the cheaper side sit in the lounge and don't order an entree, get an appetizer. You have to try the truffle and parmesan potato chips $12. I seriously couldn't stop eating them. Emeril, please start mass producing these! We finished the stop with a slice of Banana Cream Pie. This is unlike any other cream filled pie I have had. There was stacks of Bananas and a minimal amount of cream. Flavors of sweet banana with whipped cream to top it off.

Gotta love the sense of humor.

The Peppermill is iconic and classic old school Vegas. Good for something to eat or drink. Breakfast during the week is good (on weekends it's PACKED) and I love the vibe of the fireside lounge.

The decor is like a crazy Vegas night!

Lunch off the strip for some Hawaiian food that took me back to my college days. This is around the corner from the UNLV campus. I used to eat at Aloha Kitchen off Maryland Pkwy once a week. Chicken Katsu was my favorite!

Downtown close to Freemont Street is a restaurant called Pizza Rock. The owner Tony Gemignani is a world pizza cup champion. The first American victor in Naples, Italy. This was my first time trying the place out. They have a variety of pizza styles to pick from.

We went with the gold cup winner La Regina.

Have you ever wanted to be on the Amazing Race? The Cosmopolitan would be a perfect place for a leg of the race. First mission find Secret Pizza. Here is a's on the hotels 3rd floor down an unmarked hallway adored with album covers.

At $5 a slice this is awesome late night food. I got the white. A combo of ricotta and mozzarella. SO GOOD!

On the 1.5 floor of the Chandelier bar in the Cosmo you will find the home of the The secret flower drink. Formally named the Verbena. It's not on the menu, but just mention it and the bartender will be happy to serve you.

This is a lemon and ginger infused margarita garnished with a Sichuan flower. The bartender instructed us to take a sip of the drink. Then chew up the flower a little on each side of your mouth. After a few seconds your mouth lights up! It's tingling and you start to salivate. Unlike anything I have experienced. Then you sip your drink again to see how the flower changes the flavor. 

The drink was good, but it's all about the flower for me. I highly recommend checking this out. If you can't get to Vegas you can also buy these flower on Etsy! The flower is actually known as a natural aid for toothaches. I think it would be such a fun garnish to add to a signature drink for a wedding or dinner party. Truly unforgettable.

The 1.5 level of the bar is the area in purple. At first this drink was only sold here. That all changed after a big wig tried to order the drink on another level and was turned down. Now it's available on all levels. It's the number one selling drink for the bar.


Seven Magic Mountains is a great place for a photo op.

Neon Museum is a must see. Be sure to book a tour.

What a great sign for an engagement photo.

The tour guide talked about the progression of lights on Vegas signs. From bulbs to neon. Pretty interesting stuff.

Check out this skull from Treasure Island. From down on the ground to an ariel view.

If you are in Vegas and want to take a road trip check out Zion National Park in Utah. About 2.5 from Las Vegas. Great hiking and beauty. It's a sight to see.

Until next time Vegas!


Friday, March 3, 2017

With spring approaching here is a look back at an epic winter in Oregon.

 Snow ice cream anyone? Just mix fresh snow, milk, sugar. Rainbow sprinkles optional.


Portland Food Map: Pip's Original Doughnuts

Sunday, February 26, 2017

I have been dying to try Pip's Original Doughnuts and finally got the chance. It was everything I imagined and more. I keep thinking of reasons why I need to go back.

This is one dozen donuts, which is two of each flavor on the menu. My favorite was the cinnamon sugar. Although I didn't get to taste the banana cream. Sawyer snagged both of those puppies, that little stinker!

A Chai Tea flight is a must. I'm def a coffee person, but when in Rome! Pip's is known for this and my husband loves chai... I had to. You can get hot or cold. Heart of Gold was my fav and Derek was a fan of King and I.

The line was long, but it went fast. Grab seating when you see it. Space is limited, but tables turned over quickly.

It's safe to say we will back.