Oregon Playgrounds and a New Leg

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life has been insanly busy. Hence the lack of posts. We are working on our third move this year, but thank goodness this one is for good! I'm so excited to share the progress on our house, but first an update on Sawyer.

Sawyer's favorite activity by far is swinging. He shouts "yay, yay!" and loves daddy to push him as high as possible. He also discovered if he kicks his legs enough he can knock off his prosthetic...making it fly across the park. Bright's one way to start conversation with new people.

Sawyer is adjusting just fine to this new life of ours. We are all really enjoying all the lush parks and Sawyer goes crazy over the playgrounds. In July he will be two! I am planning a small, but fun filled birthday. It's crazy how much he is changing. He told me one night when he would not go to bed "I don't want to go to bed...I'm not tired!"...WHAAAATTT?? I freaked out. It was hard to make out, but he totally said it. No more sentences since.

A shoulder ride on dad in Tualatin Hills Nature Park.

Murase Plaza at Memorial Park
We stumbled on this playground in Wilsonville. There was a huge red barn, gingerbread house, and swings to play on. It also has an old barn that would be so pretty for a family photo.

Sawyer is obsessed with the color red. Naturally he was drawn to this huge red lady bug. I kind of want one in my backward.

Sawyer got his first leg when he was 12 months. At 22 months there is a significant height difference. His first prosthetic is pretty basic. The foot was glued onto the leg so making adjustments meant adding onto the bottom of the foot. The brown cork material lifted him to the proper height. His new leg really raised Sawyer up. It took a while for him to get adjusted to the height difference. When he was wearing his old leg he was starting to bend his full leg to shorten himself to be at the same level. Once he put on the new prosthetic he was walking on his tippy toes. To him it was too tall, but it was actually the correct height. After a few days he started walking evenly on both sides.

I adore this little man.

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