If the Shoe Fits

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The winner is....

It's a three-way tie! I couldn't pick just one pair. A boy needs his options. Thank you so much for all the responses on the blog and Instagram. They were so much fun to read and see everyone share in our joy!

Last week Sawyer received his first prosthetic. The prosthetist put Sawyer's little leg on and had me stand him up, hold his arms, and help Sawyer take his first steps. It was such a happy and unforgettable moment. At the end of his walk Sawyer started bouncing up and down with excitement. He was so proud of himself.

Side note: for parents of a child with a prosthetic looking for shoes. Although it would seem velcro would be the way to go for a baby or child they actually proved much more complicated then laces. Sawyer's prosthetic foot is very basic. It's only meant to help stabilize and allow him to get around. It's a bit bulky so most shoes with velcro are very difficult to close. Laces allow the shoe to form around his foot. This will all change as Sawyer grows and his prosthetic gets more advanced.

We are so excited for what the coming months will bring. I can hardly wait for Sawyer to start walking. On second thought, maybe I can. I really need to get on baby proofing our entire home...stat!

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