The Design Q: Vol. 1

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Welcome to The Design Q! A place where I share all things art related. I'm a graphic designer by trade and have a real passion for what I do. So here is your first dose of design inspiration.

I had the great fortune to take a calligraphy class hosted by Design Love Fest and taught by Lauren of Blue Eye Brown Eye. I have always been a lover of fonts and lately I am experimenting more with hand lettering. Plus, it's a total excuse for a mama's day out and artistic recharge!

If you follow me on Instagram (@curlyqchristy) you may have seen a few photos from this special day. I really loved the material setup. Blue Eye Brown Eye had me at "hello beautiful". My workspace was adored with this hand lettered and foil printed note card, a calligraphy pen, ink, pink (squealing inside) gouache, washi tape, nibs located in a small vellum envelope held shut with a hot pink heart (swoon), and a bunch of awesome written materials for the course. I left out, but have to mention the little pink dog. This is a business card for Blue Eye Brown fun! I love using different size cards or shapes for an unexpected business card option.

The class covered how to mix colored ink (gouache really), use and hold a calligraphy pen (which is super awkward, but you get over it), the difference between traditional and modern calligraphy (it's all about inconstancy for the modern version), and then it was ALL lettering practice from there. Music was playing in the background and Design Love Fest had a beautiful space to sit, chill, and get artsy! What more could you ask for? I came out of the class so inspired and can't wait to share some of my work...stay tuned!

Of course, even when I am away... I am always thinking of my boys. The proof is in the writing!

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