Hocus Pocus

Monday, September 22, 2014

 Tomorrow is the first day of fall! This is the time of year that excitements me. After last week's heat wave in California, I am SO READY for cooler weather. So I say bring on the Halloween decorating!

 I adore these festive nutcrackers that I bought back in the day at Target. They seem to pop up on end caps as the holidays approach. I also collect plates and have a wall that I switch out according to the holiday or sometimes based on my mood. My favorite Halloween plate would have to be my creepy cat. Can you find it?

My husband has a huge sweet tooth. When Halloween hits we eat candy corn and lots of it! Yesterday he came home with a bag of s'mores candy corn. Say what? To my surprise they were really good.

I got some chalkboard labels and wrote out spooky words and phrases. I placed them on jars I normally have out on our buffet. It was a fun and an easy way to take something I already had and make it work for the season.

I just listed the labels along with this festive Hocus Pocus print in my shop. I included multiple sizes of each to suite a variety of needs. Check out the finish products in my store.

When Sawyer gets older I can see myself putting different creepy things into each jar. Give him a surprise if he decides to open them. I love a bit of magic and a good scare!

Similar colored glass potion bottles found here. My buffet is onto the rest of the house!

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