Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I never say no to hand-me-downs...when it comes to the baby. First, it's expensive to buy everything yourself. Second, most items have hardly been used. Most important thing to remember...just because it's not your style does not mean it can't be turned into something amazing! This is a hand-me-down makeover:

Step 1:  Have a vision. I built my look around the "Major Cutie" onesie. It screamed military and I picked two pieces from my hand-me-down pile that fit the style.

Step 2:  Cut it up! I started by cutting the camo romper and then took the patch off the striped brown onesie as well as the snaps on the bottom of the garmet. I did a little hand sewing and tacked the cut pieces down.

Step 3:  Be open to changing your plan. If you cut to much be open to changing your plan. You may surprise yourself with a happy mistake.

Step 4:  Sit back and enjoy your work!

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