Oregon Exploring: Japanese Gardens in the Spring

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My parents flew Sawyer out from California after we had a little time to settle into our rental house. We wanted some time to setup a totally empty house. Thank goodness we did. Our stuff was a week late so we slept on an air mattress and our couch was another blow up mattress. Baby proof...yes, but certainly not toddler friendly.

We took my parents and Sawyer to the Japanese Gardens in Washington Park. It's such a peaceful and picturesque place to be. I have never been, but it was definitely on my to do list for exploring Oregon. I want to go back every season (I am especially looking forward to Fall).

Day dreaming

Sand garden
I had visions of my toddler running through the middle of this, but thankfully I was wrong. What a job to rank the garden. Wonder if they are hiring?

Sawyer loved the gardens meandering paths, but the koi fish were his fave.

That face, those curls!

I love the light pouring in from the trees.

Waterfall with all that lovely moss. One thing I am not used to...all the moss in Oregon. I love getting lost in it.

This is where you enter. Well, hello there.

The Japanese Gardens are a must if visiting Portland, Oregon. My next quest if one for food. I am REALLY, REEEALLLLY missing Mexican food. We have tried places in the Portland, Oregon area with no luck. Southern California is full of yummy Mexican made chips, homemade salsa, guac...bean and cheese burritos! Ok, I'm making myself hungry. I'm missing a good hole in the wall. The last place I tried in Oregon made me sick. Please, any suggestions are welcomed from locals. Otherwise, I am on my own and on the hunt!

Hours / Directions

$9.50 Adult
$7.75 Senior (65+)
$7.75 College Student (w/ID)
$6.75 Youth (6-17)
Children 5 and under free

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