A Valentine's Party in a Snap

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We invited friends over last weekend for a Pre-Valentine's Day party. It was an opportunity to hangout and get a jump on some Valentine's Day photos that we will send out to our family. I made snacks and we ordered pizza for lunch. I also designed a chalkboard background so I could snap some Valentine's pics of the kids.

Sawyer can be a picky eater, but when I cut his food in fun shapes and he loves it. I made almond butter and jelly sandwiches and for a nut-free option jelly sandwiches. I used a cookie cutter to make little X's and O's out of strawberries and to cut shapes into the bread so the red jelly picked through.

Yogurt topped with a little reduced sugar jelly and fresh strawberries.

Flower shaped cheese and crackers.

Annie's Animal Cookies. Don't you just love all the colors?

I created a Valentine's backdrop on my chalkboard door and we had a quick mini session with the kids.

I used props like these heart-shaped glasses to help distract my model.

I created a baby cupid by drawing wings in Illustrator and pasted them on the photo in Photoshop.

The only problem with this marshmallow lolly pop...I didn't buy enough!

I bribed big brother with a giant lolly!

A sweet reward. Just look at that face.

"Cheesy face" to mom and dad.

I just adore this picture. I turned a black and white photo into a stunner by adding some colorful drama. Click here for a tutorial on the process.

Gotta wear shades!