Our Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Our morning started with a special themed breakfast. How cute are these turkey cinnamon rolls? They are also super easy to make. Original post with directions found here. After breakfast we jammed over to my parents house where I busted out my table d├ęcor.

I used my "Thankful for" cards to make place cards from Sawyer. They doubled as keepsakes for everyone in the family.

Instead of a side dish I brought a bubbly bar. Start with champagne and mix in your favorite juice or puree. Pear was the hit! This would be a great idea for New Years Eve.

Last year we took a picture of Sawyer next to the turkey. We did it again this year to see just how much he has grown. The funniest part was when I told him to taste the turkey to see if it was good. Without hesitation he bent over and took a bite. That's my BIG boy!

Lastly, what is Thanksgiving without leftovers? This is what we ate...what about you? Anything worth sharing?

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