Handmade Father's Day Gift

Monday, June 16, 2014

For Derek's first Father's Day I wanted to make something with Sawyer to give as a gift. I believe a handmade present has so much more meaning. But, what do you do with a 10-month-old baby?

 After scouring Pinterest for ideas I finally found something I liked. A handprint tree! When we got married instead of guests signing a book I set-up a fingerprint guestbook tree. It was a simple line drawing that our family and friends placed various shades of green thumbprints on to make up leaves. Not only is it apiece of artwork hanging in our home, it's a reminder of all the love that surrounds us.

I drew a similar (much smaller) tree adorned with Sawyer's name and the year. I dipped Sawyer's hand in two shades of washable green paint to form the leafs on the tree. In typical baby fashion Sawyer tried to stick his hands everywhere except where I wanted them. I highly recommend doing this craft with two adults. One person to hold the baby while the other helps to make the prints. Even with two of us Sawyer ended up with green hair. I wish I took a photo it was hair-larious!

I had the picture matted and framed so we could hang it near our wedding tree. A moment in time caught on paper. Made with love and tiny baby hands.