Thank a Nurse

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On July 28, 2013 our boy Sawyer was born into this world! Our lives have not been the same say the least. Before I get into baby news I'm going to play a little catch up. I want to share some pre baby prep that made our hospital visit much more comfortable.

You might choose your doctor, but you don't pick your nurses. They really do a lot of the hard labor (pun intended) when you have your little one. I wanted to make sure they knew just how much I appreciated all they do. Oh ok, I also wanted to kiss a little you butt to make sure I got treated right! Couldn't hurt...right?

Who doesn't like a basket full of goodies?

Step 1:  The goods - My idea was to provide some snack essentials, sweet treats, and I followed that up with some gum.

Step 2:  I grabbed some crafting supplies I had around the house. The bow ties came from my baby shower which had a little man theme. I also used a gift bag that had a cute pattern and coordinated with the colors I used in the basket.

Step 3:  Write a cute thank you note letting the nurses know they are appreciated.

Step 4:  Style it up! Large items in the back and I used crumbled tissue paper to raise some up some of the snacks. I taped my thank you note onto a popsicle stick to make it stand out. I added the bow ties for the final touch! 

Most of the nurses that came into our room mentioned how much they appreciated the basket. A little kindness really does go a long way. I was really glad I did this! The nurses that helped us where truly remarkable!

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